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To Be srl è al Global LiFi Congress a Parigi

To Be srl al Global LiFi Congress.

To Be Srl è un’azienda italiana leader nel mondo nella progettazione e sviluppo di prodotti e soluzioni LiFi, tecnologia innovativa che consente la trasmissione dei dati attraverso la luce LED.

Global LiFi Congress – 12 & 13 Giugno, Salons Hoche, Parigi, Francia

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Speed, safety, no radiofrequency and the ability to create unique user experiences make To Be solutions extremely performant for different uses.

What separates us from “competitors”?

To Be srl is the only player in the market able to provide turnkey LiFi solutions.

LiFi Zone ®️ is a trademark of To Be srl

Ready for Global LiFi Congress with To Be Srl, an Italian company leader in the world in the design and development of products and LiFi solutions. 💡🚀

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